Ks Games 2si1 Lace And Fingers Educational Game

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    With my left hand, right hand, set of laces, you can help your preschooler learn how to practice his hands, and then learn how to tie his little hands and shoes. In the 2-in-1 game kit, the right and left hands are shown symmetrically, the names and palms of each finger are shown as pieces of a puzzle, and the child establishes a connection between his hands and these pieces,
    helping him to recognize hands on one side and understand the concepts of left and right.

    A set for shoe lacing, made in two different colors (left and right), helps the child learn how to tie shoes, while improving hand-eye coordination skills. Give him one of his two shoes and buy the other yourself. Ask him to imitate you when you slowly tie shoes. Also show how to attach the rope through the holes on the empty block. This study is particularly useful in terms of hand-eye coordination.

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