AVENT 1338/00 Compressor inhaler InnoSpire Essence 1126225 Philips

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    This product is intended for use as a source of compressed air in the formation of aerosol particles of a drug for respiratory therapy of children and adults. The product is intended for the delivery of multiple doses of medication for one patient at home. Compact device for home use. Speed ​​and efficiency. With InnoSpire Essence, inhalation is fast, effective and reliable for home use. Proven SideStream technology. • Proven inhalation technology; • Strength combined with reliability; • Speed ​​of the process. Procedure time: 6-8 minutes *; • Designed for continuous use; • For use at home; • Compatibility with the most prescribed inhalation drugs. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    InnoSpire Essence compressor inhalation system is indicated for respiratory therapy of children and adults with diseases of the respiratory system.

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